A Book Unread

“The fifth angel sounded his trumpet, and I saw a star that had fallen from the sky to the earth. The star was given the key to the shaft of the Abyss.”

–Revelation, 9:1

A very short post for tonight, but one that needs writing as the dream that came to me this past Friday night seemed quite interesting and worth sharing.

Very rarely my dreams take on a voyeur-type scenario in which I am watching over someone’s shoulder as they read, write, or draw, completely unware that I am watching. In this way, I have seen messages, letters, and books coming to me weeks or months beforehand.

Friday night I was shown a book of colored wood block illustrations. Unlike the other voyeuristic dreams, this seemed like I was purposefully being guided through the pages, as if the person knew I was looking and wanted me to see.

The first image was a young man, possibly a knight, standing on a rock. His chest was puffed out and he stood proud, a golden flag in his hand as he looked off to his left. The silver of his armor was draped in blue fabric.

A hand turned the page and I looked on.

A young woman was now before me, looking over her shoulder to her right, smiling as if she were looking back at the young knight. She was in renaissance-type garb, with her hair covered in a veil of silver and gold. Her dress was the same cornflower blue that draped over the knight. Her hand was held to her chest, clutching something at her neck.

The page turned again.

The young man and woman were now in the same illustration, but they were being swallowed up by the Earth from below. Strangely, their faces were still smiling, faces upturned and hands in prayer, as if they were completely unaware of their fall into the abyss.

Again, a turn of the page.

An armored king was shrouded in golden light, his sword raised skyward as if he could split the heavens.

The page turns quickly this time.

As if in answer to the king’s sword, the sky opened up and cut him in twain with a powerful beam of white light. Unlike the knight and the lady, he seemed surprised and afraid.

The next page flipped into view.

Light poured out of the heavens and the sky turned red. The earth was shattered as the columns of light had multiplied. There were people out amongst the rubble. Some were drawn running, others collapsed in dramatic prayer.

The final page turned.

Black cubes, massive in size, covered the sky. They were arranged in a grid pattern that went beyond what the eye could see. Though it is a picture, an odd vibration emanated from the structures and I felt my own heart racing as I looked at them.

The book shut.

I woke up, the images clear in my mind then, and even now, a few days later. I’m still puzzling over them. Perhaps there’s a message there, or perhaps it’s merely a dream and nothing more. Do you think you have an interpretation? I’d love to hear it!

One response to “A Book Unread”

  1. In these hours of great battles between Good & Evil, more dreams like this may occur….prophetic visions painted in the mind.

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