Time is a circle, the snake eats its tail.

We come and go in cycles, souls bound to a wheel that not many seem to see. The same patterns repeat over and over in micro and macro. I find myself caught both in the wheel and outside of it, desperate to get off. To stop the churning and circling fate that seems to bind me to repeat the same mistakes. To cause the same hurts. I try to tear my body from the ropes that lash me there but it just doesn’t work. On some days I wish I could go back to oblivion and peace, not knowing of the wheel. But it’s there all the same now, what is seen is not unseen. And once the teacup is shattered, there’s no putting it back together, not as the same cup it once was. Maybe that’s okay, as long as it holds water?

There is no such destruction as that which is wrought in the name of love.

And I have held life and death in my hands, and chosen both paths out of love and mercy.

But both paths still lead to the same outcome.

I fight against the wheel and it ignores each pull and tug and scream. I want to get off more than anything, and perhaps one day I will. All I can do now is to keep up the fight for better days, like I’ve done time and time again. Maybe that cup still holds water.

Time is a circle, the snake eats its tail.

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